CurlyCode- Screenplay

15 04 2011

Screenplay event is over, it was a great success. Lots of guests, good vibration and sometimes not enough space for seating. We started with a solid podium discussion at 3pm and finished with a solid after party at 3am, but between total craziness.

podium discussion (from left to right: me, Mia Makela, Sandra Neumann, Aude Francoise, Yro, Can Togay) on the screen Mr Greenaway.

At the begin of the night i played my CurlyCode performance with the live music of Anorganik.

and here is a quick edit of the performance:


CurlyCode performance

6 04 2011

This will be the first official performance with my 3d realtime drawing application. I started this project 2 years ago, but now iam making an improved version with several new additions.

the performance takes place during the screenplay event this saturday.  Music made by one of the earliest hungarian electronic musician, who lives in Berlin as well (Gabor Deutsch -Anorganik,Raster)

CurlyCode links:

Screenshots from the beginning.

Creative application article

and here is the first video presentation what i made with CC.:

digital painting theory

28 12 2009

i was experimenting with CC effect unit, and i wanted to make the result more softer, more painting like.

the easy way was just to use blur like stuff, but thats not so nice.


but after i had a terrible idea, lets try to involve the ‘optical flow’.

i dont want to describe optical flow with my own words so let me ‘copy paste’ the definition.

Optical flow or optic flow is the pattern of apparent motion of objects, surfaces, and edges in a visual scene caused by the relative motion between an observer (an eye or a camera) and the scene.

ok its very general, so lets focus on the specific one:

The Horn–Schunck method of estimating optical flow is a global method which introduces a global constraint of smoothness to solve the aperture problem.

Master Vade (now we know he is jedi) was the hero, because he made the QC version. The original one is coming from Andrew Benson. And iam very happy to use it!

light painting

12 12 2009

After i (re)found my tablet, restarted to work a bit with curly code effect ‘unit’. Experimenting with double feedback and so, i found this kind of structure.

So i made a small patch, working like this:

1.  draw some points with the tablet

2. offset the points with the tablet upper and lower button

3. slow down the offset with a button

4. clear with another one


if anyone wants to try , i can share as an application.

curly code update

12 11 2009

After curly code has been presented on creativeapplications, and some of my friends are really interested to test my app., today i made the first biggest step, i made a mailing list (waoo).

If you are interested to get information about the project don’t hesitate to subscribe:


this picture is a screenshot from CC, using the new movie loop player (background, foreground or mask).

There are several ideas in my mind how to step forward, i am making some research, but i feel some missing points. And also i want to involve sound as well (coordinates to osc message, drawing parameters as well). So maybe it will become  an A/V instrument.


this picture showing another setup with servando’s custom circuit. Its another posibility to leave open some slots for the sensors. (this was very funny to draw with two pontetiometers- x,y coordinates).

And the last part is the touchscreen, touch table ideas. Now i’am planning to make my own, lets see what  can do with more fingers.

let’s keep in touch!

roBOt.02 -first part

22 09 2009

Yes, its happend. A well organized festival, with many nice people, in a very nice town, in a very nice place. It was a pleasure for me.


I made serpendity A/V twice (first day one and second day earlier one),  workshop and a small vjing as well. The details about the festival will come later, but for now a couple of screenshots, because i was able to test CurlyCode with triplehead (thanks Ilan).

Picture 53Picture 55Picture 56Picture 57Picture 59Picture 60Picture 61Picture 62Picture 63

CurlyCode update

2 09 2009

As i wrote before curly code alpha 1.1 is ready for the alpha testers, and presented last week during the share event.

I made several development, and mostly i added the SuperSpline instance, as one of the drawing mode


Picture 18

I made some colorizzing experiment as well, but the easiest way to add colors its not looking so good. That means that i have to make individual structures for the color channels, and its more work.

Picture 21

30.4 fps its not so bad.

I added also a new shader, for the deformation, and with the SuperSpline instance i got some nice clean results

Picture 45

Picture 52

For this variation the rendering speed is very nice, and this shader is more colorizable, then the classic vertex noizz, from the developer examples.

This version (1.2) will be presented during my showcase during the robot festival bologna, and hopefully not just there.

I made an experiment video for SuperSpline:
[VIMEO 6332147]