27 10 2010

is my latest performance, lets say live cinema (but with some generative elements). This one is made specially for the ‘jewish quarter’ thematics.

The idea is a counter at the middle screen (three screens all together), counting back from 15 minutes, meantime at the side screens there are pictures from different jewish districts from 1932-39 (i think this is the gap between the ghetto and district). The are several ‘decorative’ elements meantime on the foreground(gives a bit pressure to the composition), and some handmade collages at the background. When the counter turns to 0 (so after 15 minutes) appears just one panoramic picture, a kind of tunnel with a lot of organic elements. This tunnel is going to be white after several minutes and its over.

The music made by Bence Bakai (nice soundtrack) and the photo is made by Krisztina Turna.

roBOt.02 -serpendity

23 09 2009

I played Serpendity twice during the Robot festival in Bologna, this is a short version of the second one.

The whole performance is almost 34 mins; recorded by Lara Agnoletti.

[VIMEO 6706300]