B-Seite performance and more

30 03 2010

Here are some shots from my A/V (very alpha) mentioned before: Generated Cities

[VIMEO 10649387]

Setup: quartz composer (no interface), triplehead2go.

Soundtrack: Astrowind, MoogConspiracy and Vicsek.

Intro Video: Gabor Body (for his memory).

photos made by Goergeavolante.

The big Balaton project

1 11 2009

Its time to present this project,in  a bit detailed way. Here is a brief intro:

Picture 49

So my main task was to make the multimedia and the installation part of the exhibition with the two head artists, Peter Forgacs and Gusztav Hamos. It was a great experience to follow, and create this whole exhibition structure from the early ideas, to the end.


I was more than happy, to use a bit programming (QC), and some advanced technology, like mapping.


For the vernissage, we prepared a special A/V show, what i mentioned before, with Thea Soti and with her jazz band. These songs are all related with the lake balaton, lets say a dose of retro, but remade in a smooth jazzy style.





So the exhibition is open until 15th of january, in the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.

(Dorotheenstr. 12., Mitte)


roBOt.02 -serpendity

23 09 2009

I played Serpendity twice during the Robot festival in Bologna, this is a short version of the second one.

The whole performance is almost 34 mins; recorded by Lara Agnoletti.

[VIMEO 6706300]