Birds and others

24 01 2012


Half year ago i started to work with broken 3d forms and artifacts. I used many different parameters for the animation, and i got a random result, it was like a bird. After half year when a friend of mine mentioned this image i reworked that project and i started to generate directly birds. The animated versions you can see on my “anigif” site.


and a reindeer…

and a dead dog (not so optimistic closing image, sorry for that)




Functionalist imperfection

19 01 2012

Last weekend I took part in the synœsthesia workshop, project of Larissa Wunderlich. The goal of her project is to initiate a kind of dialogue between synesthesien people and the artists to be resulted in an exhibition. Depending on the artist’s choice the artwork can be an installation, performance or anything.

I did my best and without any earlier background knowledge I participated in the workshop. I red the classical wikipedia material on the topic, but I wasn’t prepared. The surprice was big. Our talks with synesthsien people were incredible; for the time being I don’t even try to describe it, perhaps later. We spent almost one day with talking, asking questions and understanding the impossible. They opened up doors for a new and unknown realm and let us enter it. And I am so thankful to get this incredible experience.

As an artist I needed to set up a small presentation about my works. Taking advantage of this possibility I decided to choose 25 pattern images of mine, to present them and asking for the comments of the synesthesien partners.

I am not allowed to include names here, so I just copy paste some comments and some images from my selection. I should like to move on from this point, and after having collected the feedbacks I intend to generate images directly in  synesthesien‘s sense. There were some basic rules what I could learn about the image structure, and what I am willing to utilize. But it should be kept in mind that synœsthesia is somewhat different in every case, so if we speak about it „in general“ no common correspondences are to be found,  just some coincidences.

“Looks like a room which appears when I have a good disputation with someone eloquent. It is a kind of good fight.”

I dont want to go deep  now with the paradigm of the definition of the “room”, just i would mention that some  synesthesien has this kind of space vision (it can be a room for example). But i got another room related feedback here is it:

This image is related with a concrete person, a friend of the synesthesien. The image structure is related with the habit of this friend, and generated when the synesthesien meets with this person.

This image is more like a dancing situation, of course without any drogs, but related with a night when the synesthesien was dancing all night long. What is really interested is the memory what was recalled by my image. I think all of us has a visual memory, but the fact that they can store images related with concrete persons, happenings and concrete memories is amazing for me.

There are to more images what i want to mention here, the first one is from my curly code performance so its not a pattern, but related with the headache vision of the synesthesien and the other one is more like a coffee overdose.

I would like to underline some facts again:

-these are really the first steps of this project

-i dont want to handle this post of mine as a scientifically correct text, these are more like my personal feedbacks