goes to Pompidou

1 07 2013

My latest creation is exhibited in the Centre of Pompidou (Paris, France), during the show called DigitART organised and curated by Abdel Bounane.

here is a small video demonstrating the basics of touch.GL

This is my first piece developed specially for mobile device and i have to say i enjoyed every part of it. The app is not finished, because some functions are still missing, which i would like to implement in the next couple of weeks (directly post compositions to web gallery, animated gif writing etc.)

Screenshot_2013-06-27-00-37-08 Screenshot_2013-06-27-00-29-39 Screenshot_2013-06-25-23-32-42 Screenshot_2013-06-19-18-22-29 (1)


Touch.GL- glitch art app. for android based mobile devices, utilising P5glitch library, with the kind help of Kelemen-Eordogh family.




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3 07 2013
IMC Media Arts Channel

Reblogged this on IMC Media Arts Channel and commented:
I’m fascinated by glitch and generative art and been waiting for an application just like this! Bravo.

8 11 2013
David Szauder questions our own memory in his glitched series "Failed Memories" | AMUSEMENT.NET

[…] RATE: Some of the works from this series were made using Touch.GL, the glitch art app he developed that was presented this summer at the DIGITart exhibition in […]

8 11 2013
David Szauder questionne notre rapport à la mémoire dans sa série "Failed Memories" | AMUSEMENT.NET

[…] D’AMUSEMENT : Certaines images de cette série ont été réalisées Touch.GL, l’app de glitch art que Szauder a créé lui même et qui a été présenté cet été à […]

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