random receipt for a good glitch

30 07 2009

I tested COGE today morning (happy beta tester life), everything went fine, tested the built-in OpenEmu player, ( and of course Vade’s special glitch ROM) and worked well. After it just quit, and i needed to make some graphic works (i dont like it), so i started a graphic editor (not Ad.be) and voila i was able to produce this random glitch.

Picture 32

Picture 31

Picture 30

Very carefully i made some transformations and rotations, so i had some parameters to play with.

Picture 27

Well, this is just a correction or definition of the glitch:

computer glitch is the failure of a system, usually containing a computing device, to complete its functions or to perform them properly. It frequently refers to an error which is not detected at the time it occurs but shows up later in data errors or incorrect human decisions. While the fault is usually attributed to the computer hardware, this is often not the case since hardware failures rarely go undetected.

Its a kind of movement nowdays, artist producing glitch (or producing this kind of failure). There are several groups collecting glitchy images:


Or  Vade, mentioned above, who is writing kind of video generators, utilizing the fragments left in the videocard, to rebuild picture structures.

Picture 53

Picture 54

Picture 55



28 07 2009

Browsing my old HD, i found an older work, what i did in 2006, as a university project.

Its a remake of Hans Richters Rhythm 21, but just a kind of, because i made a sound added version. My first idea was to upload it to vimeo, and get published. While i was waiting for the uploading, i just started to watch the old piece and many ideas came into my mind. I started a new QC project, added OpenCV, and in a few minutes: bingo, i got a kind of connection structure of the richter remake.

Picture 9

Picture 13

Picture 15

So having those coordinates and connection lines it was easy now to send informations via OSC to an audio software, not a specific one, but Bidule seems the first choose. I needed to wait more while vimeo processing the video and i continued thinking about the additional data’s what i can get from the Richter piece. I added some 3D based weight map, and i got a new kind of visual result.

Picture 20

Picture 22

Picture 23

While weight map is working with luminance, its possible to connect pixel brightness with another OSC parameter, and maybe to adjust some audio parameters as well. Probably i will choose a frequency generator, and basic filters (low pass, high pass).

Share your noizz

24 07 2009

Well, iam sitting in Kezmarok, at the second day of ‘our festival‘, and iam very excited about today event: share. Share is mostly a social event for artists, as musicians and visualists, getting together, jamming with the sound and visuals as well. There are many share events around world, from New York to Budapest.

So i will make some noizz, with the Super Collider based, ixi patch, amazing patch, with my collected and recorded glitchy sound samples.

Picture 2

Picture 4

And meantime i will try to play some test laps from my destructured performance.



I have two possibly jam partners for the night, Ilan and Servando. So if you are in kezmarok today, dont forget to get in to the culturehouse and enjoy the jamming:).

Game of Life and QC

21 07 2009

Today morning, drinking my first cafe, i just started to search random application on my iphone, and i used this keyword: cellular automat. I found one free and nice looking app. Read a review here. After i just started to make my small brainstorming and research, how i can utilize and involve in to my work. I found a node based design app. the name is GraphicDesignerToolbox. I made some short test, and realized how nice is the idea. Would be nice to have more options for the moving picture artists, or OSC input, but doesnt matter:)

Picture 41

After i continued my research and i found this site: http://web.mac.com/wyntir/geekness/CA_Movies_in_Quartz.html

Very smart cocoa, basicly a quartz composition with a CI code (not that difficult kind). So i started my experiments. First tests are not a big deal, looking like a treshold and edges filters combination, but with some more tweaking, i will be able to utilize.

Picture 29

Picture 36

Picture 39


letzz start

19 07 2009

new name new logo

well, its time to change: mr.monkeypresso is the past, and pixel noizz is the present. It was a long time ago when we started the vj group called monkeypresso, and after just the solo mr.monkeypresso. It was all about  VJ-ing, but my interest slowly transformed forward to a more expanded field of ‘live visualism’. This summer (2009) i presented the ‘serpendity’ performance in rome at LPM. And after everything has just simply changed in me. Something like that.