now you know what happend last summer

23 09 2012

This will be a classic blog post:

My dear diary it was a long summer, i would start with the exhibition called “Gentle War”. This was a non traditional sport related exhibition somehow connected with summer games (which i skipped) but i made two really strong statement.

1. statement: triumph of failure (6 minutes, video), this video uses image error to destroy the most important moment of every sport act, the moment of victory.

here is the short version:

I used different methods of datamosh. My main goal was to use image error as a part of the concept.

2. statement: kleinfield fussball (installation), this work is a classic installation with sound. Its about a romantic  and a non traditional meeting of two football gates. For me soccer is  a really agressive sport, with a lot of  tense. From the side of the visitors and from the side of the game as well. I just miss something more intimate, something more personal moment from this sport. My gates are trying to form a totally different situation with whispers, with the soft lights and with the close connection between them.

But lets go forward with this summer story. Last year we (Aniko Boros and Marett Klah) founded a cultural association in berlin called CultureDemocracy with short name CUD. This is all about to create platform for cultural activity. Our second project was Romarts, a short workshop with young roma filmakers.  It happend in Panke, which is one of my favorite place in the heart of wedding. For this event we created a classic video installation environment with the head of the workshop (Arpad Bogdan) and of course with the participants of the workshop.

These videos we made at the beginning of the workshops, as a kind of self presentations. Every pair had 20 minutes to ask private questions from each other, and needed to memorize the answers. After the pairs needed to present each other. We filmed this act immediately, and installed as a start point of the exhibition. You can see all of the video materials here.

After all i was on vacation in the US. And i bought my small office mac, with mountain lion. Yes i have to confess i made a big mistake: i installed xcode tools. I did because i wanted to have quartz composer. Just in case. You know. But i needed to realize its missing. Well done i gone to the kineme forum and i found the solution. Now its working, but nothing else… Because my favorite creative environment and the big cat from the big hill are not friends. (GLtools, kineme3d and so on are not working). But who needs all this stuff if i can find built in artifacts with a standard image editor.

that was a short version of my summer.