22 01 2011

Today i created a new pxn realtime plugin, the fiducializer. It can be a good example how to destroy qualified video materials, but before i start a small tale, i would like to talk about the facts.

What is a fiducial?

fiduciary marker or fiducial is an object used in the field of view of an imaging system which appears in the image produced, for use as a point of reference or a measure. It may be either something placed into or on the imaging subject, or a mark or set of marks in the reticle of an optical instrument.

(from wikipedia)

here is it:

Special signs, looks like amoebas. But the interesting point is the special aesthetics. Really minimal design but somehow really lovely.

There other geeks (i mean artists of course) already involved this little creatures in a creative process, for example Toxi but my point was to involve the markers in a realtime video process.

here is the first result:


i forgot to mention the home base of the fiducial markers :



tudo junto e misturado

19 01 2011

here is the brazilian offline mag, they published one of my urbanistic glitch (i dont have so many of them). But this is a good reason to publish here more of these stuff.

here is the original set:

this was made by the software prototype called Memories, the original upstairs pictures was sent in a special way in to the video memory and after reed back. The trick is to sit and wait for the best result.

There are more urbanistic kind of stuff made with classic databending (psd-png converting back and forth):

And the last piece is a game with forms, structures and feedback (not the classic way).

loop samples for live visuals

14 01 2011

I made some video loop samples from my pattern-glitch stuff. I dont do to much vj activity these time, but this stuff will fit in the next live visuals.

here is a small preview:

new vdmx with new pxn

9 01 2011

today i made a really untrendy, glitchy and noizzy “pxn plugin” for my upcoming show. The name is ´kill that f*cin pixel’. Nothing else just modified ´core image´ code with feedback and a small offset. The modification means, the original ´core image´ code has a certain function, but after playing a bit with code i got more funny result.


new interactive visual year

2 01 2011

I started to play with vdmx b8 and i realized some really interesting features. The most fancy one is how to use your qc interactive patch in vdmx.

the method is presented here:
[VIMEO 17929503]

so i jumped in immediately, i ported my interactive glitch patch mentioned earlier:

All the small colored form is working in the preview window as 2d controllers, without 25 minutes of setup. I like the idea how the controller elements will be the part of the live performance.

next adventure will be to make finally my gestural tablet controller:

[VIMEO 5019365]

happy new year!