11 05 2010

Here is a video from the latest project, the exhibition what i curated in dortmund. This is the same balaton exhibition, presented first time in berlin. Now its working like a ‘travelling’ exhibition, will be presented in Balatonfüred, Cottbus, Mainz, Budapest and ….

[VIMEO 11598329]

The Visual Berlin festival is very close, so i have a decent organization issue with the workshops.



w1 13-15: vvvv 1 (tonfilm, cyper) 
w2 13-15: coge + custom quartz composer (lumabeamerz
w1 15-17: quartz composer/1 (goto10
w2 15-17: Notendo and electronics (notendoservando and tonylight
w1 17-19: open call slot 
w2 17-19: lectures 1


w1 13-15: Processing and pattern-based image processing (Kim Asendorf
w2 13-15: content creation 1 (Devon MilesDubassy
w1 15-17: quartz composer/2 (goto10
w2 15-17: A/V performance 
w1 17-19: open call slot 2 
w2 17-19: lectures 2


w1 13-15: vvvv 2 (tonfilm, cyper) 
w2 13-15: content creation 2 (Devon MilesDubassy
w1 15-17: Modul8 and modules (SinsynPlus
w2 15-17: VDMX projectwise (fREDlucy
w1 17-19: open call slot 3 
w2 17-19: lectures 3

and some screenshots from the pxn_generator package:


workshop examples

1 04 2010

uploaded two examples from my b-seite workshop. The title should be: introduction to the structures. And  the javascript patch from toneburst.

B-Seite 2010 QC workshop

26 02 2010

After 2 years our friend Benjamin decided to make the third festival in Mannheim. I was there at the second edition, and was amazing.
[VIMEO 2268346]

This time i prepare a 3 day long workshop, the first two days will be classic workshop days, during the third days there will be a kind of consultation.

here is my plan for the workshop:

Basic day:

-intro, why QC as a live visual tool

-hierarchy (macro patch- rendering direction)

-QC coordinate system

-classes (generator, source, renderer, environment, controller, sound)


-3d world (simple objects, external objects kineme3d vs. collada, how to use a shader, simple deformers)

-2d world (effects, feedback, render in image, glitch)

-custom plugins (rutt etra, glitch, delay)

Advanced day:

-GL tools (point, line, quad, viewport,spline)

-structures and iterations (how to use queue and javascript)

-introduction to advanced particle solutions


-vdmx and qc (composition with parameters, writing own effects, controllers)

-if someone is interested: finalcut and after effects and QC (via FxFactory)

-render out as a movie (QuartzCrystal)

-triplehead and QC

-build simple application (QuartzBuilder)


-Leopard and Snow leopard allowed (no tiger)

-installed xcode tools

-very basic knowledge of some basic mathematical and geometrical expressions.