1bit creatures

18 02 2011

i have been experimenting with 1 bit patterns, and i found some hidden creatures.

a small description about 1 bit image:

Since each bit (binary digit) can be represented only as either a zero or a one, pixels within a monochrome image can have only two states: black or white.

i will upload more examples here.


irresistible patterns

7 02 2011

I was in the middle of a ‘big pattern making process’, when Kim Asendorf asked me to visualize one of his glitchy audio track. So i made the patterns audioreactive and rendered out several versions. This one is a beta version with Kim’s sound, and here are different pattern versions from the same patch. This time i didnt use PBO or any other kind of video memory glitch, just a well hacked core image code, with the right pattern table, and before that some really simple transformations. The input is always a video loop.


[VIMEO 19516567]

please click on the pictures to watch the animated versions:

thanks Kim for the opportunity:)