1bit creatures

18 02 2011

i have been experimenting with 1 bit patterns, and i found some hidden creatures.

a small description about 1 bit image:

Since each bit (binary digit) can be represented only as either a zero or a one, pixels within a monochrome image can have only two states: black or white.

i will upload more examples here.




4 responses

19 02 2011

I love them! Would you mind letting us know a little about your technique to make them? They look very fun 🙂

28 02 2011

Is this similar to using imagemagick to convert an image with the -depth 1 function?

28 02 2011

well i dont know that. this is all about quartz composer, and just the final rescaling/editing i made in image editor (ph.toshop).

1 03 2011
the captain, the cat and leonardo « Pixelnoizz

[…] i was looking at the picture and at the left-middle part of it i found some creatures again (see pervious post). So i tried to isolate that […]

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