TIMESCAPE: realized

22 11 2010

Last weekend we presented finally the project called timescape. Its a virtual building site, a time travel in the past, the archive of the daily phases of the construction, and a cyber building with a cyber city.

This project will run in the next half year (until the dorothea place is not ready), and we will fill with different contents, according to .chb´s and artprojekt´s program. To have the easy possibility of this content update its running QC patches, so everything realtime.

The heart of the installation is a mac pro and an imac, synchronized with each other. The imac is controlling the sound (puredata and ableton, made by Servando Barreiro), the mac pro gives the image input via triplehead.

and the team:

Lucy Benson, Servando Barreiro, Kiritan Flux, Anna Lena Nowicki, Aniko Boros, Kata Krasznahorkai and me.

Photos made by Krisztina Turna Video really soon.

QC credits: Kineme and V002

work.in.progress: TIMESCAPE

9 11 2010

Iam working on the project “timescape”, its a huge size mapping-outside surface based projection.

The Co authors are Lucy Benson and the music-sound design by Servando Barreiro.

The goal of this installation is to demonstrate, how can we use uncovered surfaces (outside surfaces) during a building construction

public presentation will be at the 3rd of december, .CHB dorotheenstr.12.