made with quartz composer:)

29 12 2009


digital painting theory

28 12 2009

i was experimenting with CC effect unit, and i wanted to make the result more softer, more painting like.

the easy way was just to use blur like stuff, but thats not so nice.


but after i had a terrible idea, lets try to involve the ‘optical flow’.

i dont want to describe optical flow with my own words so let me ‘copy paste’ the definition.

Optical flow or optic flow is the pattern of apparent motion of objects, surfaces, and edges in a visual scene caused by the relative motion between an observer (an eye or a camera) and the scene.

ok its very general, so lets focus on the specific one:

The Horn–Schunck method of estimating optical flow is a global method which introduces a global constraint of smoothness to solve the aperture problem.

Master Vade (now we know he is jedi) was the hero, because he made the QC version. The original one is coming from Andrew Benson. And iam very happy to use it!

important notice – g_p_g

25 12 2009

i forgot to mention something:

-if you have more then one file in the media folder, you can use the right arrow to step the images, down arrow to step the movies and left arrow to step the patterns. 

(the pattern stepper  is just step inside one brush collection, the left arrow load another collection)

-corruption mode is not working i will correct it soon

– you can adjust the scale of the pattern with the ‘scale_pixelator’

g_p_g update

23 12 2009

I made an update for g_p_g, with more effects, modes, corruption mode. pattern generators, picture input and many more.

i will write more detailed instruction soon, for now just a readme file.

particle studies

15 12 2009

light painting

12 12 2009

After i (re)found my tablet, restarted to work a bit with curly code effect ‘unit’. Experimenting with double feedback and so, i found this kind of structure.

So i made a small patch, working like this:

1.  draw some points with the tablet

2. offset the points with the tablet upper and lower button

3. slow down the offset with a button

4. clear with another one


if anyone wants to try , i can share as an application.

patch no. 124

11 12 2009