light painting

12 12 2009

After i (re)found my tablet, restarted to work a bit with curly code effect ‘unit’. Experimenting with double feedback and so, i found this kind of structure.

So i made a small patch, working like this:

1.  draw some points with the tablet

2. offset the points with the tablet upper and lower button

3. slow down the offset with a button

4. clear with another one


if anyone wants to try , i can share as an application.




13 responses

12 12 2009

These are really nice. I like watching your personal aesthetic evolve. Very nice work as always.

13 12 2009

hey super nice.. 🙂
send me some things to play with!

20 12 2009

pls share as an application

13 01 2010

maybe you can share this patch, would be nice to play around with this. Tnx.
It looks beautiful.

13 01 2010

i will share soon. Iam still doin’ my ‘official’ job, and less time to finalizz.

19 02 2010

great job!

22 02 2010

Very nice work,send me some things to play with!

19 03 2010

Oh man! This one is aesthetically stunning. I really want to see the code!

23 04 2010
Jayve Montgomery

Lovely gestures. Waiting patiently for a chance to play or my brain to grow bigger, whichever comes first.

28 03 2011

Hi, ver y nice Job. I’ll like too try it!!

15 06 2011
Debashis Sinhad

beautiful, just stumbled on your site again after a reminder from peter kirn @ CDM. Any chance you are still sharing this?

16 06 2011

HI, it gives a ideas, plees share as an application.

6 10 2011

Great Job man! Can’t wait to get my hands on the light painting app and SO looking fwd to experience Curly code. Any chance?
Racheal (PixyBox)

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