Game of Life and QC

21 07 2009

Today morning, drinking my first cafe, i just started to search random application on my iphone, and i used this keyword: cellular automat. I found one free and nice looking app. Read a review here. After i just started to make my small brainstorming and research, how i can utilize and involve in to my work. I found a node based design app. the name is GraphicDesignerToolbox. I made some short test, and realized how nice is the idea. Would be nice to have more options for the moving picture artists, or OSC input, but doesnt matter:)

Picture 41

After i continued my research and i found this site:

Very smart cocoa, basicly a quartz composition with a CI code (not that difficult kind). So i started my experiments. First tests are not a big deal, looking like a treshold and edges filters combination, but with some more tweaking, i will be able to utilize.

Picture 29

Picture 36

Picture 39