dis-play 10

21 07 2010

I played a 30 minutes A/V performance with LOD during the dis-play festival at the cervantes institute Berlin.

It was a real improvisation, we didnt met before, but worked well.

I made a custom patch for the performance with some of my classic generative thing and with some new one, but for the first time i used ‘PXN‘ as an effect unit for this kind of minimalistic-generative content.

The pure QC patch (no vdmx this time) gave me really high resolution and minimum 25fps.

For the PXN effect unit i used the ‘read pixel’ from Kineme GL tools. Really fast and no bug at all (this time after several dark minutes i switched back to leopard for this performance).

for control i used iphone with a custom TouchOSC layout (made for this patch), and my wii controller for the WIP. This time i used mostly Datamosh for the WIP draws.

It was real fun, good music and really nice audience.


3 06 2010

pixelnoizz, *spark, an empty media card and a glitch machine:

when its here+now, you’ll be part of it. an experimental performance workshopped as part of visualberlin festival 2010.

this will be the first time, i will use my ‘PXN‘ package, and it fits in the original concept.

so what is this ‘PXN’ thing?

This is a set of plugins, effects, transitions and generators. Based on really easy transformation of glitch, feedback, blend and mask-modes. And of course my G_P_G  is a decent part of it.

The basic concept was to make very easy performance without many contents, perhaps a live camera feed in to my face or just one video loop. And using 30-40 filters and combining them with blend-modes and feedback. I think this kind of combination is enough for a performance, and the performance will not less than one performance with hundreds of well prepared video loops.

And yes, we met with *spark during last LPM festival, we spent some time together and with Vade as well. He offered to make something with a wireless photo camera and glitches. As my stuff is really supported by Vade’s V002 its in reality a cooperation between us.