28 02 2010

After watching the midi-draw project, i decided to make a super simple, easy to use, wii controller based drawing application.


-start the application, after push 1+2 button on the wii

-wait and wait

-now its working

.the up-down-left -right buttons are moving the cursor

.B button (downside) let you draw

.+ and – for the dot size

.home and move the wii is the color changing

.1 and 2 is for z axis

.wii moviment is the camera

.A button and movement, will move the draw with the camera (as clear)

.A+B and movement, nice ribbon

pretty simple!!!

pls. download from the flashbox.


sensitive vectors

28 02 2010

B-Seite 2010 QC workshop

26 02 2010

After 2 years our friend Benjamin decided to make the third festival in Mannheim. I was there at the second edition, and was amazing.
[VIMEO 2268346]

This time i prepare a 3 day long workshop, the first two days will be classic workshop days, during the third days there will be a kind of consultation.

here is my plan for the workshop:

Basic day:

-intro, why QC as a live visual tool

-hierarchy (macro patch- rendering direction)

-QC coordinate system

-classes (generator, source, renderer, environment, controller, sound)


-3d world (simple objects, external objects kineme3d vs. collada, how to use a shader, simple deformers)

-2d world (effects, feedback, render in image, glitch)

-custom plugins (rutt etra, glitch, delay)

Advanced day:

-GL tools (point, line, quad, viewport,spline)

-structures and iterations (how to use queue and javascript)

-introduction to advanced particle solutions


-vdmx and qc (composition with parameters, writing own effects, controllers)

-if someone is interested: finalcut and after effects and QC (via FxFactory)

-render out as a movie (QuartzCrystal)

-triplehead and QC

-build simple application (QuartzBuilder)


-Leopard and Snow leopard allowed (no tiger)

-installed xcode tools

-very basic knowledge of some basic mathematical and geometrical expressions.

remix: Bibliothèque Pascal

25 02 2010

During CT3, lets call it the hungarian part of the berlinale filmfestival, i made a small remix of the new hungarian movie: Bibliothèque Pascal.

It was not so difficult to cut (re-edit) the movie, because its full with extremely nice pictures, scenes.

here is a small summary of the film:

The film is about a Romanian woman called Mona Galdó, who lives a very special life. At the beginning she is drifting with the current, and very strange things happen to her. She gives birth to a baby girl, who has a special gift inherited from her father: her dreams are projected on reality. Mona is roaming around aimlessly with her child, earning her living as a casual entertainer. After meeting his believed to be missing father, she abandons her child and finds herself in London in a luxury whorehouse known as the library of Pascal. Here she becomes the object of the intellectuals’ desires, the captive and puppet of the owner Pascal’s sick mind. The most difficult task of her life is to get away from here.

and some pictures from the party:

The dj was Mogreens (from Visual Berlin) and i used Modul8, because the fine scratching,  the controllable repeater and sequencer moduls are more than handy for this kind of remix projects.

thanks to Kriszta Turna for the photos.

back to normal

23 02 2010

I just finished my installations for CinemaTotal 3 (pictures soon), and made couple of live visuals for the same event, and now back to ‘normal’.

Meantime Kim Asendorf published his awesome processing based software ONull.

Nice vector based picture ‘reanimation’. I hope one day will be able to make some basic animation thing, perhaps just an interpolation between the parameters. BTW amazing job, and great to have it as a freeware or shared creative stuff. The idea behind it, is brilliant.

I made some similar experiments with cubes, with less resolution but working as a vdmx plugin too (realtime).

Anyway next month i will make a QuartzComposer workshop in Mannheim (during the b-seite festival).