remix: Bibliothèque Pascal

25 02 2010

During CT3, lets call it the hungarian part of the berlinale filmfestival, i made a small remix of the new hungarian movie: Bibliothèque Pascal.

It was not so difficult to cut (re-edit) the movie, because its full with extremely nice pictures, scenes.

here is a small summary of the film:

The film is about a Romanian woman called Mona Galdó, who lives a very special life. At the beginning she is drifting with the current, and very strange things happen to her. She gives birth to a baby girl, who has a special gift inherited from her father: her dreams are projected on reality. Mona is roaming around aimlessly with her child, earning her living as a casual entertainer. After meeting his believed to be missing father, she abandons her child and finds herself in London in a luxury whorehouse known as the library of Pascal. Here she becomes the object of the intellectuals’ desires, the captive and puppet of the owner Pascal’s sick mind. The most difficult task of her life is to get away from here.

and some pictures from the party:

The dj was Mogreens (from Visual Berlin) and i used Modul8, because the fine scratching,  the controllable repeater and sequencer moduls are more than handy for this kind of remix projects.

thanks to Kriszta Turna for the photos.




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