27 10 2010

is my latest performance, lets say live cinema (but with some generative elements). This one is made specially for the ‘jewish quarter’ thematics.

The idea is a counter at the middle screen (three screens all together), counting back from 15 minutes, meantime at the side screens there are pictures from different jewish districts from 1932-39 (i think this is the gap between the ghetto and district). The are several ‘decorative’ elements meantime on the foreground(gives a bit pressure to the composition), and some handmade collages at the background. When the counter turns to 0 (so after 15 minutes) appears just one panoramic picture, a kind of tunnel with a lot of organic elements. This tunnel is going to be white after several minutes and its over.

The music made by Bence Bakai (nice soundtrack) and the photo is made by Krisztina Turna.

collected memories

13 10 2010

Iam working on a test application, called ‘memories’. Its nothing else just a picture generator of my digital trash, i can generate couple of variation, and save as a high resolution tiff file.

this picture is from the movie (i forgot the title but i saw yesterday. or not yesterday…:)

A new software called ‘screenfuck’ by Kim Asendorf gave me the idea, just my goal is to generate a bit random, but more like puzzle pieces from my video memory collective (memory?). I think i start to collect these pictures and will publish on FLCKR.

here is the first set of pictures: collected memories aka glitch diary

this is my first attempt with glitchfuck.

Digital Glitch-(art?design?decoration?)

7 10 2010

I dont know, i developed a patch in the last 2 weeks, lets call it ‘supra glitch’. Its a kind of mixture of generative structure, feedback and error. This is  not a so complex thing (patch), but it has a nice output. The idea was (as earlier) to NOT use any input, just connecting back the output of the structure (lets call it feedback). Iam so happy with the result.

So whats the problem now?

What is this exactly what iam doing? Is it a kind of software art? Or creation of some new aesthetic aspects of this whole glitch story ?

Sometimes iam just closing my eyes, and i see some pictures, i see what i want to really see. And i sit down and prepare something, what is:

1. in good case, really close to the original imagination and lets say i’am satisfied.

2. in a less good case, not so close to the original idea, but i still like it.

3. worst case, its far from the original idea and iam not ok with the result, or i made a mistake when i imagined that picture.

But if i start to watch my stuff from outside (and its important) or i show them to others (others=non geek people, with the right critical sensitivity), i feel, that i have to defend my stuff.

So then what is this exactly? Is it still interesting if i don’t start to talk immediately about the history of glitch and generated (non indirect) of the random picture errors? Is it still something or just a couple of ‘nonphotoshop’ based digital hedonism?

I try to define, how does it work then. What can be the border between art, design, and digital something?

The thing is like this, if i’am in this way, i always have to have something what i try to express, but if i make a non figurative, i mean abstract picture, based on a stupid error, but from other hand its well structured (visually) it doesnt have to loose the integrity of express the idea. It doesnt have to be non conceptual (and yes i can stimulate that fancy video memory to give back something really planned (desired) picture). But i really have to define why i use this very random based way of self expression. Because if i dont have a very strong explanation for that, its better to keep the distance and:

1. buy a painting equipment

2. use photoshop (or any well controllable, non generative, non algorithmic and non modular software)


3. just dream about a new, non explored way of self-expression.

And more  like this:

Do i search for a specified form (composition)?

Ok, what i think is a paradigm of perfection, non perfection, but thats a different topics. Here in this self-reflection iam searching the meaning of my content (output), looking for some really acceptable answers, instead of starting a new composition, because now i feel i need some answers (from my self), a better way to understaind:

what iam doing,


why iam doing that.