3 06 2010

pixelnoizz, *spark, an empty media card and a glitch machine:

when its here+now, you’ll be part of it. an experimental performance workshopped as part of visualberlin festival 2010.

this will be the first time, i will use my ‘PXN‘ package, and it fits in the original concept.

so what is this ‘PXN’ thing?

This is a set of plugins, effects, transitions and generators. Based on really easy transformation of glitch, feedback, blend and mask-modes. And of course my G_P_G  is a decent part of it.

The basic concept was to make very easy performance without many contents, perhaps a live camera feed in to my face or just one video loop. And using 30-40 filters and combining them with blend-modes and feedback. I think this kind of combination is enough for a performance, and the performance will not less than one performance with hundreds of well prepared video loops.

And yes, we met with *spark during last LPM festival, we spent some time together and with Vade as well. He offered to make something with a wireless photo camera and glitches. As my stuff is really supported by Vade’s V002 its in reality a cooperation between us.

opera visuals

13 01 2010

I was invited to make an opera style live visual in berlin. The opera singer was Andrea Rost, world famous hungarian wonder. It was a big challenge, with massive research in different movie archives, to find the exact footage.

For the live part i used VDMX, because its always handy if i need to use decent number of movie footage, and i needed the possibility to sign some important points of the movie, and easily jump there. 

And yes i made some custom QC effects, using  Vade’s film effects. The vignette and the white diffusion is more than handy with this kind of old film materials. 

pictures are from the rehearse.