pxn is going to lithuania

3 08 2010

Iam invited to play a 3 hour long vj set at Satta Outside festival  in Šventoji, Lithuania. This year the thematic is glitch, so i will make a dedicated pxn set. I decided to use this time VDMX, so iam trying to involve all my pxn fragments, as effects and as generators. The other ‘thematically’ invited artist is Rosa Menkman.

here is a small preview directly from vdmx:


11 05 2010

Here is a video from the latest project, the exhibition what i curated in dortmund. This is the same balaton exhibition, presented first time in berlin. Now its working like a ‘travelling’ exhibition, will be presented in Balatonfüred, Cottbus, Mainz, Budapest and ….

[VIMEO 11598329]

The Visual Berlin festival is very close, so i have a decent organization issue with the workshops.



w1 13-15: vvvv 1 (tonfilm, cyper) 
w2 13-15: coge + custom quartz composer (lumabeamerz
w1 15-17: quartz composer/1 (goto10
w2 15-17: Notendo and electronics (notendoservando and tonylight
w1 17-19: open call slot 
w2 17-19: lectures 1


w1 13-15: Processing and pattern-based image processing (Kim Asendorf
w2 13-15: content creation 1 (Devon MilesDubassy
w1 15-17: quartz composer/2 (goto10
w2 15-17: A/V performance 
w1 17-19: open call slot 2 
w2 17-19: lectures 2


w1 13-15: vvvv 2 (tonfilm, cyper) 
w2 13-15: content creation 2 (Devon MilesDubassy
w1 15-17: Modul8 and modules (SinsynPlus
w2 15-17: VDMX projectwise (fREDlucy
w1 17-19: open call slot 3 
w2 17-19: lectures 3

and some screenshots from the pxn_generator package:

roBOt.02 -first part

22 09 2009

Yes, its happend. A well organized festival, with many nice people, in a very nice town, in a very nice place. It was a pleasure for me.


I made serpendity A/V twice (first day one and second day earlier one),  workshop and a small vjing as well. The details about the festival will come later, but for now a couple of screenshots, because i was able to test CurlyCode with triplehead (thanks Ilan).

Picture 53Picture 55Picture 56Picture 57Picture 59Picture 60Picture 61Picture 62Picture 63