processing- not that pain

8 06 2013

Iam preparing for the next show, which takes place in Paris really soon, and i need to develop something for android tablet, so i picked up my processing knowledge (not that much), and i started to develop something like a glitch drawing application.



The basics of this project is my earlier work which wasnt published yet. In this version the generative elements are more stronger, but i keep some possibility to manipulate portraits as well.


I have to say processing is difficult, but isnt that pain which i expected. There are many ways to generate glitch and artifact, P5glitch library is really helpful, and some really smart people already wrote many smart codes. At the end i put real data bending function as well.


there is no final title of this app i call it “touchGL”, but the concept is pretty easy, i  let the users to create, manipulate own glitch compositions with different gestures.

CurlyCode performance

6 04 2011

This will be the first official performance with my 3d realtime drawing application. I started this project 2 years ago, but now iam making an improved version with several new additions.

the performance takes place during the screenplay event this saturday.  Music made by one of the earliest hungarian electronic musician, who lives in Berlin as well (Gabor Deutsch -Anorganik,Raster)

CurlyCode links:

Screenshots from the beginning.

Creative application article

and here is the first video presentation what i made with CC.: