Binary project getting closer…

13 08 2009

Nicky and I are working on our binary project. The project and the concept is clean, but the result is sometimes far away from what we would like to see.

After the first steps, this morning i was able to produce one of the structure, the cross.

Picture 30

Saying ‘produce’ i mean getting closer aesthetically to Nicky’s orginal drawings (stamps). Its important, because these draws are the fundaments of our work (how to make it interactive, how can we involve the digital vision as conceptual expansion).

Picture 31

The cross is not connected directly with any christian idea, its just a decent symbol which has different social aspects. But yes, i chose the cross form the symbols because its very easy to reproduce. The next will be the circle and after the infinity sign (huhh that won’t be easy).

Picture 32

The technical solution must be at the final version coded (maybe a little processing will help us). But for now (lets call it prototype) i used image pixelS plugin made and shared by Matthias Oostrik. Its a kind of continue or expand of the ‘classic’  image pixel. Not just giving the color and alpha information of one pixel, able to ‘scan’ the whole incoming picture and giving back a structure with the necessary information. Working as a scanner. After i made some improvements with the structure to add the noizz and some fake gravity. Quartz Composer off course.

Picture 33

Last line david, you are in late -i have to go! Thanks to Rinboku to put image pixels plugin in my field of view.