CurlyCode- Screenplay

15 04 2011

Screenplay event is over, it was a great success. Lots of guests, good vibration and sometimes not enough space for seating. We started with a solid podium discussion at 3pm and finished with a solid after party at 3am, but between total craziness.

podium discussion (from left to right: me, Mia Makela, Sandra Neumann, Aude Francoise, Yro, Can Togay) on the screen Mr Greenaway.

At the begin of the night i played my CurlyCode performance with the live music of Anorganik.

and here is a quick edit of the performance:

B-Seite performance and more

30 03 2010

Here are some shots from my A/V (very alpha) mentioned before: Generated Cities

[VIMEO 10649387]

Setup: quartz composer (no interface), triplehead2go.

Soundtrack: Astrowind, MoogConspiracy and Vicsek.

Intro Video: Gabor Body (for his memory).

photos made by Goergeavolante.

in preparation: generated cities A/V performance

6 03 2010

After serpendity (what is still available), iam working on a new A\V. Generated cities is the working title, and i really try to present an alpha-beta version, during the b-seite festival.

here is a screenshot from the chapter 4.: