GlitchPatternGenerator_5 (experimental release)

13 08 2013

Here is the third public update to the GPG software.


-now its working on 10.6-10.8

-a few more patterns (pls test the final pattern with different pattern maps, and the “striper” and the “BIT” from the pre effect)

-Syphon In and Out (thanks to V002)

-different resolutions (HD as well)

This is an experimental release because i did not test too much, but funny.

try it!

Quartz Composer - Untitled 2013-08-13 at 21.03.03 Quartz Composer - Untitled 2013-08-13 at 21.13.34 Quartz Composer - Untitled 2013-08-13 at 21.15.49



6 responses

14 08 2013
Luther Blissett

Very Nice! I’d like to put some of these images through Metasynth. Is this of Quartz Composer origin? Possible to set a video stream?

14 08 2013

i dont know metasynth.
but i will try it.

14 08 2013

Awesome work! As for bugs, I did notice the app crashes when dragging the windows around, particularly after having edited the Parameters, or when multi-tasking in other applications (OSX 10.6.8). Also, I wasn’t able to see the effect of the “finalPattern”– turning it on would simply make the entire image white, no matter what pattern maps I chose.

14 08 2013

i am trying to fix it and create a small update really soon.
every feedback is so important!

23 08 2013

Thank you! I have used your original app now and then. I am especially happy to see Syphon support!

7 10 2013
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[…] will also premiere the latest soon to be released 6th version of his other application GlitchPatternGenerator. The audiencewill have the chance to play with both apps after the […]

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