Failed memories- getting closer

8 08 2013


Solid afternoon.

 “These friends discussed Metaphysics all that afternoon, the discussion was too theoretical, so their memory was modified in a physical way.”


Here is the second collection of my “failed memories”, this time i used more geometrical modification and some fragmented glitch algorithm and less random fragments. Iam trying to concentrate more on the narratives and use the past stories of my own family to create these stories.




Mr Stein’s fear

“He was a solid, well situated simple man. He went to church every day, when it was necessary. But one day he realised that he has doubts. “



Eva’s glamour

“One day she wasnt able to drink water anymore, just champagne. But from the bubbles which is highly consists in the chaimpgne she become paranoid.”




Samuels war.

“It was his war or her fiances war, doesnt matter right now, because he didnt come back anymore.”


The full collection is here. goes to Pompidou

1 07 2013

My latest creation is exhibited in the Centre of Pompidou (Paris, France), during the show called DigitART organised and curated by Abdel Bounane.

here is a small video demonstrating the basics of touch.GL

This is my first piece developed specially for mobile device and i have to say i enjoyed every part of it. The app is not finished, because some functions are still missing, which i would like to implement in the next couple of weeks (directly post compositions to web gallery, animated gif writing etc.)

Screenshot_2013-06-27-00-37-08 Screenshot_2013-06-27-00-29-39 Screenshot_2013-06-25-23-32-42 Screenshot_2013-06-19-18-22-29 (1)


Touch.GL- glitch art app. for android based mobile devices, utilising P5glitch library, with the kind help of Kelemen-Eordogh family.

processing- not that pain

8 06 2013

Iam preparing for the next show, which takes place in Paris really soon, and i need to develop something for android tablet, so i picked up my processing knowledge (not that much), and i started to develop something like a glitch drawing application.



The basics of this project is my earlier work which wasnt published yet. In this version the generative elements are more stronger, but i keep some possibility to manipulate portraits as well.


I have to say processing is difficult, but isnt that pain which i expected. There are many ways to generate glitch and artifact, P5glitch library is really helpful, and some really smart people already wrote many smart codes. At the end i put real data bending function as well.


there is no final title of this app i call it “touchGL”, but the concept is pretty easy, i  let the users to create, manipulate own glitch compositions with different gestures.

The Computer will run and my bird will fly…

9 05 2013


When i have been begining to develop my birds and creatures, i did not think about the physical aspects of my work. Maybe i was waiting to a small “push”. But i got this support soon, from a fantastic curator, Nora O’Murchú. She invited me to exhibit on the show called “Run Computer Run” which takes place in Dublin.

here is a small text about the idea behind my work:

Creatures Creatures were created two years ago from artifacts. Creatures with human or animal-like outfit, though they are nothing else but well structured artifacts.

 Artifact The notion has multiple meanings. In my case it is interpreted as a technological and an archeological notion. All my artifacts are based on a collection of virtual errors. If these errors are rearranged, new forms are expected to be resulted, that could be considered as byproducts. The new forms are created by a human (by me), however, through a technological process. Due to their human or animal-like forms those humans who are watching them, are guided back to the real world. (This is the archeological aspect of the artifact.)

 Technology My technology is based on code, nodes, virtual digital technology. Usually I experiment with controllable random forms, i.e. with random artifacts. The result of the virtual digital technology will be always a computer artifact (digitally printed or screened two dimensional surface). To step forward (toward the state of the archeological artifact), this dimension should be left behind.

 Hello World This is the exit from the virtual world. There are many possible ways of becoming real: real can be experienced physically, measured in a real space with its dimension, surface, colour, shadow, reflection, odor, or touch. An automatized, “without human process” way (3D printer for example) could be used, too, but it doesn’t lead to an artifact in its archeological sense. What is need is to use my senses, hands and skills to form or shape the object (based on the computer’s artifact).

  Object This is the final result, made of material (stuff), built by me, hanging there as a bird (hanging as the gravity effects it). The object is exposed to light, inducing shadows. It is there, it is real, it is transubstantiated into an archeological artifact. The form is completely figurative.




this is the first sketch, the installation right now under realisation, i will post few images soon…





Failed memory of Leo & Pipo

14 01 2013

French artists Leo&Pipo have been asking me to participate in their collaborative project. Its an honour, because they are making really amazing collages and a lot of elegant street art stuff.

here is a small preview of their works.

My result is a kind of attribute of Leo&Pipo, adding some pop art cliches and a lot of random patterns. These random patterns are mostly memory glitches from my own taste, but i have been keeping the option to compose the image deeply.

here is the result:



Failed memories- digital collages and glitches

10 12 2012


mr and mrs sanday

beautiful sunday with the sanday family. They were a young and solid pair, but the geometry of their feelings are changed a lot during the years.

I have been starting to rethink my concept with glitch art, and how i would continue to develop my works. I have been starting to create  pseudo narratives, based on old photos (most of them are unknown family photos), adding my different digital glitch processes. The basic idea is how to recode (decode) the meaning of the memory and how it can work together with my generated failure and pseudo narrativity.


story of mr.wolf

one day mr wolf wrote down too much numbers. when his memory was decoded the same numbers somehow modified his fragments.
The question is how our memory works, when we see a picture (photo) we are able to remember to the details, but only for short period. In long term we  start to loose parts of the details and instead of these lost fragments we fill the gaps with our self generated memories, memory fragments. A bitsimilar how the video cards functioning (PBO, memory glitch).


Do All Dogs Go to Heaven? Will Our Pets Be With Us in Heaven?
This kind of digital images are not connected directly with the glitch art, or lets say the glitch (image error, artifact, failure) not on the focus. In this case i would consider this process as a “non orthodox” glitch process. Iam still using my own code and methods, but meantime i need to use an image editor to isolate the foregrounds and the backgrounds. If i see from this point i can get more options to play with the composition.


mr. czettel found his skin full with his own memory fragments. But his moustache is still clean. Thanks g.d.
But right now iam just improving my existing codes to be able to achieve more specific result with the compositions and iam searching for the optimal inputs (photos).
If you have any family photos which you would like to see as a failed memory of mine, please dont hesitate to send me here:
pixelnoizz at
the full collection is here.


cu-cu sisters are sharing everything.

glitches and bus tops

2 03 2012

I was invited to show a couple of my works in the project called bus tops. The administrator of the glitch art flicker group Dodd asked me to present some of my moving glitch images on the the led screens of some london based bus stops.

here si the full list of the artists:

Pixel Noizz
Ben Baker-Smith

and a really nice introduction to the glitch art section:


please click on the images for the animated version

Functionalist imperfection

19 01 2012

Last weekend I took part in the synœsthesia workshop, project of Larissa Wunderlich. The goal of her project is to initiate a kind of dialogue between synesthesien people and the artists to be resulted in an exhibition. Depending on the artist’s choice the artwork can be an installation, performance or anything.

I did my best and without any earlier background knowledge I participated in the workshop. I red the classical wikipedia material on the topic, but I wasn’t prepared. The surprice was big. Our talks with synesthsien people were incredible; for the time being I don’t even try to describe it, perhaps later. We spent almost one day with talking, asking questions and understanding the impossible. They opened up doors for a new and unknown realm and let us enter it. And I am so thankful to get this incredible experience.

As an artist I needed to set up a small presentation about my works. Taking advantage of this possibility I decided to choose 25 pattern images of mine, to present them and asking for the comments of the synesthesien partners.

I am not allowed to include names here, so I just copy paste some comments and some images from my selection. I should like to move on from this point, and after having collected the feedbacks I intend to generate images directly in  synesthesien‘s sense. There were some basic rules what I could learn about the image structure, and what I am willing to utilize. But it should be kept in mind that synœsthesia is somewhat different in every case, so if we speak about it „in general“ no common correspondences are to be found,  just some coincidences.

“Looks like a room which appears when I have a good disputation with someone eloquent. It is a kind of good fight.”

I dont want to go deep  now with the paradigm of the definition of the “room”, just i would mention that some  synesthesien has this kind of space vision (it can be a room for example). But i got another room related feedback here is it:

This image is related with a concrete person, a friend of the synesthesien. The image structure is related with the habit of this friend, and generated when the synesthesien meets with this person.

This image is more like a dancing situation, of course without any drogs, but related with a night when the synesthesien was dancing all night long. What is really interested is the memory what was recalled by my image. I think all of us has a visual memory, but the fact that they can store images related with concrete persons, happenings and concrete memories is amazing for me.

There are to more images what i want to mention here, the first one is from my curly code performance so its not a pattern, but related with the headache vision of the synesthesien and the other one is more like a coffee overdose.

I would like to underline some facts again:

-these are really the first steps of this project

-i dont want to handle this post of mine as a scientifically correct text, these are more like my personal feedbacks

It was an unusually warm day for November

8 11 2011

It was an unusually warm day for  November. A classic video installation of mine, without any computer and interaction. The original idea is how to visualize the suicide of Kleist in a narrative space. The narrativity in this case the opera piece made by Andras Jeles, Andras Forgach and Laszlo Melis. The environment, the forest is recorded at the original location of the suicide. I used semitransparent textiles as a screening surface and couple of fans to move this textiles. The effect is a really soft, but somehow a bit hallucinogenic space.


installation: David Szauder

original idea: Can Togay

curation and historical support: Gabriella Gonczy

photos: Tamas Csaba

sound support: Balint Seres

special thanks: Vera Baksa Soos and Kata Katz

movie box-installation

28 10 2011

I was more then honored to make an installation using the movies of Gabor Body. His work is not just giving me always true inspiration, but helping me to understand better the balance between moving image, experimentalism and philosophy. One  experiment of mine inspired by him is generatied cities.

In this case i designed a movie box, kind of real enviroment. The visitor can enter to this space and see the films from a different perspective.


The final version will have an interactive option: the user can manipulate the perspective a bit with movements. This installation is part of a super big exhibition. Details are here.