It was an unusually warm day for November

8 11 2011

It was an unusually warm day for  November. A classic video installation of mine, without any computer and interaction. The original idea is how to visualize the suicide of Kleist in a narrative space. The narrativity in this case the opera piece made by Andras Jeles, Andras Forgach and Laszlo Melis. The environment, the forest is recorded at the original location of the suicide. I used semitransparent textiles as a screening surface and couple of fans to move this textiles. The effect is a really soft, but somehow a bit hallucinogenic space.


installation: David Szauder

original idea: Can Togay

curation and historical support: Gabriella Gonczy

photos: Tamas Csaba

sound support: Balint Seres

special thanks: Vera Baksa Soos and Kata Katz




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