imperfliction -online show

30 08 2011

Online show by  Brandon Blommaert and by me. Hosted by Fach & Asendorf Gallery, and a special thanks to Kim Asendorf.

What is imperfliction then:

A terrifying psychological illness where the
patient is worried that he/she is unbearably attractive, and will go to
pathological lengths to remedy this unhappy state of affairs.

in this case its all about forms…


Made with quartz composer, with the kind support of V002, 1024 architecture and bangnoise.

pixel clown…

25 08 2011


Iam experimenting with different image processes (quartz composer + databending+extrafile).

more examples are here.

please click on the image to see the animated version.


19 08 2011

pxn_tansfeed is a realtime feedback and glitch plugin made for live visuals. I made ages ago for Netaudio gig but now i optimized and used in Lithuania.

here are some screen-shots made with TansFeed:


17 08 2011

There are many ways how to create glitch or glitch alike images. The software made by Kim Asendorf is one of the special solutions. Some people experimenting with broken file formats and codecs to generated artifacts but Kim made the opposite. He created (coded) some pseudo image formats. These formats are able to produce artifacts (because they were created to do that) and then its possible to convert back them to any ‘normal’ image format. This is the software function  more or less. Open a file, convert it and then save it.

Some of them reacts very well to the databending, but some of them are so funny without any manipulation. The example shown is made with the ‘upsec’  which is a highly detailed psychedelic format.