common spaces- coded memories

16 04 2012

Latest installation of mine, what i made for the project called `cross senses – Synaesthesia. About the workshop i already wrote earlier. Now i just want to write about the realized project, here is a short description:

The goal of this installation is not to emulate the visual world of a  synesthesian person. I would like to present the process of the perception from the viewpoint of a  non-synesthesian person. The box is the transit place or space between the reality and the synesthesian‘s world. We, non-synesthesians cannot see the process itself (that is why we don’t see what is in the box), but as soon as the synesthesian person provides us with some non-visual, oral information, we get a chance to experience visually at least some fragments of his/her visions (on the monitor).  In this way the installation is similar to an observation zone, but the zone, of course, is the inner world of the synesthesian.

and here is an exemplar room visual (altogether was 25 different rooms).

Meditation about the image architecture

1 12 2010

Interactive installation of mine, based on the manifesto of Lajos Kassak from 1921.

Based on the human movements as manipulation of the different objects from the original piece.  And yes its a kind of meditation game, because the user has to learn a bit how to manipulate as many object as possible on both of the 3 screens. All the objects can be moved from one screen to another, so many variations is achievable.

The objects manipulations can generate different sounds as well, i tried to arrange the sound in a real 3d space (well lets say now its stereo:)

All programmed in Quartz Composer, using Kineme CV tools (open CV technology) with different self developed treshold technics.

The sound part is realized with the great help of Servando Barreiro, and made in Pure Data.

Additional infos on the flyer here: