roBOt.02 -serpendity

23 09 2009

I played Serpendity twice during the Robot festival in Bologna, this is a short version of the second one.

The whole performance is almost 34 mins; recorded by Lara Agnoletti.

[VIMEO 6706300]




2 responses

23 09 2009

It looks beautiful, i really love it!

ps.: mit jelent a serpendity?

24 09 2009

Well Well…Great Job, indeed!
Eventhough I was Present Twice, I finally saw your Live Performance on Vimeo. You know what? I actually regret to not have seen these cool random 3D graphics on a real full power HD screen….Well, next time?! 🙂
P.S: Slowly changing my mind towards a Mac perspective…It’s hard to admite, but it’s happening… I’ll contact u soon once it gets real, as agreed.
Hope you had a safe trip back to Berlin. See you around there one day..
Take care

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