CurlyCode update

2 09 2009

As i wrote before curly code alpha 1.1 is ready for the alpha testers, and presented last week during the share event.

I made several development, and mostly i added the SuperSpline instance, as one of the drawing mode


Picture 18

I made some colorizzing experiment as well, but the easiest way to add colors its not looking so good. That means that i have to make individual structures for the color channels, and its more work.

Picture 21

30.4 fps its not so bad.

I added also a new shader, for the deformation, and with the SuperSpline instance i got some nice clean results

Picture 45

Picture 52

For this variation the rendering speed is very nice, and this shader is more colorizable, then the classic vertex noizz, from the developer examples.

This version (1.2) will be presented during my showcase during the robot festival bologna, and hopefully not just there.

I made an experiment video for SuperSpline:
[VIMEO 6332147]




2 responses

12 09 2009
every start is difficult « Pixelnoizz

[…] is difficult 12 09 2009 Working on the Balaton-project and preparing the showcase of  the CurlyCurly for Bologna, i don`t have too much time for the ‘new QC’. That means i have already […]

21 09 2009
Antonio Jorge Goncalves

great project! congrats!
Can I try it? I actually do live drawing as performance activity, so I would really like to have a go ( )

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