curly code update

12 11 2009

After curly code has been presented on creativeapplications, and some of my friends are really interested to test my app., today i made the first biggest step, i made a mailing list (waoo).

If you are interested to get information about the project don’t hesitate to subscribe:


this picture is a screenshot from CC, using the new movie loop player (background, foreground or mask).

There are several ideas in my mind how to step forward, i am making some research, but i feel some missing points. And also i want to involve sound as well (coordinates to osc message, drawing parameters as well). So maybe it will become  an A/V instrument.


this picture showing another setup with servando’s custom circuit. Its another posibility to leave open some slots for the sensors. (this was very funny to draw with two pontetiometers- x,y coordinates).

And the last part is the touchscreen, touch table ideas. Now i’am planning to make my own, lets see what  can do with more fingers.

let’s keep in touch!




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