Curly Code is my secret weapon

24 08 2009

Its time to talk a bit about “curly code”.


When i started my deeper adventures in the world of generated forms and structures, one of my idea, lets say desire was to build an application up, with the ability of freehand drawing in a 3 dimensional space, to animate those drawings, using as a performance platform or just to render some nice looking stills out.

The first results were very geometrical, drawings without traces, i mean  a direct gestural drawing, made by a human hand.


Playing a bit more with the line movements, its started to be more human made, more natural. But in a certain point i just trapped. I felt like being in a technical dead end. i made several researches about processing and i have tried other generative softwares, how those are able to reproduce a quasi same result.


The research was a good point to go forward, or how to say… make a very important experiment, with the digital line, by my hand. and i started to involve some characters and figures.


I’ve liked the result and i tried to involve some colors and forms, but my world became very organic again. At this experiment i used 2D graphics, with many repetitions, rotating, transforming.


At this point i stopped my work  and left it as an unfinished experiment. The first real result was the “.get control”, and this screenshot.

But today i just picked the project up again and was thinking how to continue. Made some screenshots with more improvements and succeed to rewrite the root of the project.

Picture 118

and yes the new QC will open some more possibilities how to go forward. I’ve made some tests:)

for more screenshots, please check my flickr page, oh and yes! why the name is “curly code”. The answer is not so complicated…




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