glitch pattern generator

22 11 2009

If you wish to generate some glitch-patterns from your webcam or from existing mov-files, and you have osx leo or later then pls. scroll down, download and try it. (alpha!!!)

ok then, let see how does it works:

1. after the start up screen push command+i

2. you will need a source, the movie is the default (so you need to drop a ‘mov’ file to the ‘dropyourmovie’ field), or choose the webcam with the ‘movie/live’ switcher.

3. in this version you have pixel or(and) line renderer (you can switch with the enable)

4. there are 3 different play modes as linear (rendering from left to right) or glitchy mode or the symmetrical player.

5. you can apply effects from the list.

6. with the adjust of the ‘resize’ methods you can get different results and also you can animate the ‘resize pixels high’ with the switcher ‘animatehigh’. After enable the animate you can use the slider to adjust the level of the animation.

7. line offset is easy, working in ‘enableline’ mode, but if you animate with the ‘animateline’ switchers, the sliders are working only with bigger number then zero.

8. if you have some nice result stop with the ‘run’ switcher and make a screenshot (now its just working with the command+shift+F4) later will be picture renderer.

9. if you have a nice screenshot, don’t forget to send me, i will be more than happy:)

10. pixelnoizz switcher is working in pixelmode.

tip: try it with more combinations and use different movies (old film, black background animation or whatever)

Conclusion: its a toy, a test application for glitch and non glitch lovers. 

Made with quartz composer. Credits: Kineme GL tools, Vade‘s movie loader (saved the project) and glitch (for glitch effect) and Toneburst‘s reflect (for symmetrical player).

more pictures:

Picture 40




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24 11 2009
dust breeding » Archives » 311 / digital debris

[…] here is a rough version of a little piece of music + video.  the music is all just acoustic guitar processed using the eventide timefactor delay/looping pedal (with a little reverb).  the video is a shot out the window of a moving car processed using a quartz composer tool called g.p.g. […]

24 11 2009

This is fun! It did crash on me though, I probably loaded up a movie that was too big for it too handle. But it looks great.
The only thing is it took me a while before I realized that I had to hit Enter before the movie would load or the patterns would just be black and white instead of using the movie.

24 11 2009

iam working on a more stabile release (with more effects and modes of course), i hope it will help with the longer loops.

24 11 2009
Glitch generator by David Szauder. via Creativeapplications — Some Random Dude

[…] Glitch generator by David Szauder. via Creativeapplications […]

28 11 2009
How to get inside a fish tank

[…] glitch pattern generator « Pixelnoizz […]

16 12 2009

Where on earth is the download link here?
Looks fun… wanna try .. now!

17 12 2009

at the right side, under the twitter feed. its in every page. If you dont find it, send me a mail and i send you:)

12 03 2010
reed ricky

I didn’t see a download link either. Could you please send me one too?

7 07 2010

Can you send me the link to download? This looks amazing.

20 01 2012
sandra a

can’t see it either. can you send it to me ? thanks

17 12 2009
Conrado de Velasco

Hello David,
Finally found someone “deeper” into QC. I played with QC ever since it was first known as the abandoned PixelShox.
Is it possible to try your Curly Code and likewise your Glitch Pattern Generator.
I understand they are works in progress but I think they are very potent even in their present form. You have very beautiful 21st century work.
A download link would be much appreciated.
I will send you some screenshots if something comes through as good as your pieces.

23 03 2010
musikgear » Blog Archive » glitch pattern generator par Pixelnoizz (MacOSX)

[…] glitch pattern generator « Pixelnoizz. […]

23 03 2010

Is there a way to record the video ? Do I have to use screencast softwares or is there a way inside GPG ? Thanks, theau

30 06 2010

is there any of this for Win OS?

23 08 2010

thank you very much for this. i would like to send you a CD as thanks. please email me and let me know where to send it.
also, is there a way to get a full screen output on a 2nd monitor?
thanks again.
toronto, canada

13 09 2010
pablo mira

hi pixelnoizz, please will you explain to me how to move the image to an output. using any other program? if not maybe i can move it to a second display so i can see it thru a projector? too bad that gpg is stuck to the center and it´s impossible to move it.

5 12 2010

Could you please send the download link. thanks

13 12 2010

i don’t find the download link… could you please send me the link also? thank you

2 03 2011

Can you please send me the download link as well? Thank you

6 04 2011

Awesomely awesome!
But I can’t find the link either((

can somebody send me the link?

6 04 2011
Vasily Ovchinnikov

i’ve found the link) (black-grey box at the bottom right column)

but when I start that, after preview screen I can see only white box (((

mac book pro mac os x 10.6.6

1 06 2011
Summer Beach Wear

That’s by far the most effective posts I have discovered since the last a couple of several weeks. What a good posting!

20 01 2012
sandra a

can’t find the download to try it. can you please send it, it looks pretty good. thanks !

4 09 2012

I can’t find the link either

can somebody send me the link?

4 01 2013

Reblogged this on Gnomalab.

4 01 2013
glitch pattern generator | Gnomalab

[…] Reblogged from Pixelnoizz: […]

20 03 2013
Glitch Pattern Generator [QuarzComposer] | biggerbox

[…] Glitch pattern generator is the latest app by David Szauder we mentioned few days ago (Curly Code). Currently in it’s second alpha only, the app lets you generate some glitch-patterns from your webcam or from existing quicktime mov files. Built using QuarzComposer, there are a number of options including pixel size, height, line offsets, and few effects including one by vade. […]

26 05 2013

Download link is not on the BOX widget 😦 would you mind sending it? it seems like an amazing app and would love to try it!

9 06 2013

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