Picture 28

  • Gestural tablet control surface, for video and effect sequencing (sound as well) 
  • Using OSC protocol to communicate with host softwares 
  • Host softwares: VDMX, Quartz Composer, PD, Isadora and Modul8 (soon) 
  • Re-time the video loops with drawing, applying effects and adding cuepoints 
  • With tuio protocol its possible to use Iphone like a secondary drawing tool 
  • Every parameter customizable



get-control ( gestural tablet control) is a media-art project of David Szauder 

aka mr.monkeypresso, with the kind support of Vade and Toby Sparks.

All rights reserved. 


12 responses

28 05 2010

are there any plans to make ‘get-control’ public? – haven’t see anywhere else – would really love to take a look inside and get some of my QC/VDMX comps working with this.

28 05 2010


11 10 2010
VJ Anomolee

AAAwww man! I thought it was public download available..
: (

10 03 2011

this needs to be made available!

10 03 2011
VJ Anomolee

Pretty please with sugar on top? Seems lIke the perfect vj performance app for me because I use a tablet already……. Can you at least tell us if you plans to release this???

10 03 2011

yes i will. just i have a very big enemy: the time. but the vdmx version will be out soon. and maybe the standalone as well.

11 03 2011
VJ Anomolee

Awesome! The VDMX version is exactly what I want – that’s my main VJ tool! Will it be announced on the VIDVOX forums?

11 03 2011

oh yeah ! – been waiting 11 months to see that response from Pixelnoizz 😉

– BTW really like the glitches you’ve been making –

18 06 2011

Looks brilliant!

26 06 2011

looking foward to test this!

3 12 2011

Hello – are we any nearer to a release??

22 08 2013

I don’t hold out much hope but did you ever get round to a release version of this?

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