Glitch Pattern Generator is a custom application, lets you generate glitchy-like patterns from any incoming signals (picture, movie, livecam, typography, tablet and more), or to use built-in generators as input. The application has a built-in generative engine, so it lets you adjust several parameters, as horizontal and vertical number of the (re) generated pixels, adjust pixel offest, or apply different effects.

The first verion was publicated in my website as a public alpha, but now it turned into a more hectic live software, including 3D possibilities, sound analizys and more.


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24 02 2010
Olivier Blaecke

Hi there, very impressive pictures…Bravo !
Is there a way to try this nice piece of software ?

thanks 🙂


24 02 2010

at the right of the page, you can find the download box.

26 02 2010
Olivier Blaecke

Yes, thanks a lot 🙂

5 08 2010

is this app just for mac or windows available too?

21 08 2010

Excuse me… could you say shorty how it works (for instance, to get something with a picture), I just can do somethings in live mode, with my webcam…
Thanks in advance!

8 09 2010
pablo mira

I love this software, have been trying it for the past couple days..i would like to use it live though is there any way that I can use it with modul8? i´m not experienced with QC. if not, how do I manage to get the image out.

Cheers from South America!

8 09 2010

i think maybe there is a way to use with modul8, but i need to check it, if its working i will publish soon.
Anyway iam thinking to rewrite all the gpg and publish a version with full screen option. Its not a quick process, but i think i will try it.

9 09 2010
pablo mira

that would be great, so that means that there is no way to do it fullscreen at this moment? thanks for the quick reply!


14 01 2011

First of all, lemme say:” Niiiiiiiiiiiiice”! 😉
Now,….how do i save the generated clips?


15 01 2011

thanks, the clip cannot be saved right now, but in the next version i will integrate syphon, and then somehow will be possible.

30 04 2011

Hi, the app is still available ? i just can’t find it… 😦
Thx !!!

26 06 2011

Hi! I can’t find the download links for any of the software. I especially want the G_P_G though. Can you please tell me where the links are or send them to me? THANK YOU!

26 06 2011

looks great, but I can´t find it!

15 11 2011

There’s a black box at the right of the page (almost at this same line), which says ‘MY SHARE…’ box and there are 5 files in a zip folder…

5 10 2011
Vilius Stonkaitis

pxn wrote: “at the right of the page, you can find the download box.”

17 11 2011

Your work is an inspiration for those of us who dip in and out into glitch when we can. You’re a trailblazzer. Thanks and keep up the good work

17 11 2011

Please, please update this software for windows and hopefully with some fab GUIs. Take care. 😉

11 12 2011

Has anyone found the download box?

11 12 2011

Oh found it ! 🙂 Right page,My share box, scroll down.

20 06 2012
orión (@dj_orion)

this is really awesome, thanks for this! i was wondering how difficult would it be to implement the Syphon.plugin (http://syphon.v002.info/FrameworkDocumentation/). It would make for a pragmatic vj tool i’d venture to say. is this something you’d be into?

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