serpendity (2009)




 Serpendity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while

looking for something else entirely.




“In the fields of observation chance favours only the

prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur


Serpendity in this enviroment is a flow of forms, generating themselves, generating a structure of the visual enviroment. With sense, with goal, with a story line. The abstraction is a very handy but very dangerous vehicle: we can play with it, but at a point we have to stop it and think over what we are doing… Why we are doing that? Is this what we wanted to do? After a number of trying we shall able to step forward (or in the worst case: backward) but our loops will be there, as we have created them. At the exit point we shall need something positive, something optimistic, to have the feeling of a little harmony – just for a moment. These are superfluous thoughts without any concreteness or definition. My live performance cannot be explained in a more concrete way as it is an experiment on how can I connect lines and abstract forms,  how can I offer them to the perception, with coloured and black and white structures, how can I controll the relation of optimistic and pessimistic ideas or impressions, and as time goes by how will the story generate itself. How can I enjoy the abstractions that I have created,  and how can I step out and leave them behind. But just remember one thing: “All things are ready if our minds be so.” Shakespeare”


35 minuits A/V performance, for 3 screens.


concecpt, programming, and animations: david szauder

music partner: Astrowind

additional tracks: Moog Conspiracy

platform: Quartz Composer, Cocoa

additional plugins: Kineme, Vade, Toneburst




2 computers connected via network (interface and

rendering comp.)


presented first time in rome 2009 at the LPM

festival, that was serpendity 1.0 ,now with several upgrades iam working on the 1.2 version.





photos by Toby



[VIMEO 5390748]


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