pixelnoizz vjset

After a new name, new conceptual vjset as well.

I have now less vj based motivation (or ideas), and more interests about A/V, live cinema and installation, however iam coming from a kind of classic vj-background, and i can’t/don’t want to go very far from the improvisation based live visuals, so i started to produce this new (for me new) visual enviroment, according to my new ‘identity’ pixelnoizz.


I made some policies (or self rules):

  • not using too much content, mostly generators with simple shapes
  • not using traditional two or three channel based mixer prototype (with the well known blend modes)
  • not using traditional effects, lets write a couple of new ones, which will  take extremly parts of this kind of creativity
  • utilize as deep as possible the meaning of the source (of one source)


I dont have just one software fetish, but as long as iam using quartz composer to create generator, effects and interactive animations, for me the only way is to use those softwares with deep support of QC (vdmx and coge).

Picture 33

Vdmx is very stabile, and like an user interface very open, but there are fix points, and its difficult to add alternative sources (as players). In coge this situation is more open, you can write your own player, every module of the processing (player, effect, controller, mixer, post process effects) are changable.

While Coge is in beta state, i put togeother a test vj setup in VDMX.






2 responses

7 08 2009

Hmm, i like your rules 🙂

I’ve some success for fixing the rendering pipeline in CoGe, ‘stay tuned’ 🙂

7 08 2009

go deep. explore something totally and brilliantly.

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