Generated Cities-A/V

chapter 1
arrivals: structure-state
chapter 2
transport: virtual-state
chapter 3
reconstruction: organic-state
chapter 4
time: discontinuation

The performence contains four chapters and four different aspects of my generated city. Nothing is fixed at the beginning, just small video fragments from Gabor Body’s film are shown. People are arriving into the future. I don’t consider this state as ‘future’, but as a borderline between the space of the reality (where the audience is sitting during my performance), and my own structure, i. e. my generated city.

Entering the city I try to create some basic rules as: space, aspects, structure. It is the structure that will construct the next level, the virtual state. The virtual state is nothing else but a modelled world with a virtual surface. During the performance I try to walk around in the space of this city, involving more and more the audience into it. My perspective is more like a ‘human viewpoint’, the movements are not predefined. I try to walk from object to object, observe them, collecting my own experiences, every time a different one! It is not a fixed part of the performance, as I have a real 3 dimensional controller for this part for improvisations inbetween the fixed objects. At the end I let the light in to this virtual space, and I try to fill it with more and more realistic sceneries. By the increasing abstraction of the light, the impression of the entire situation becomes gradually more and more organic.

This organic like visualization of my virtual city becomes then more and more like a self-analysed scene. At this point, with a noise in the background, I try to fly back to the reality, showing some video fragments with very trivial symbols (a plant, a clock, a dead man in bubbling water, a walking woman on a corridor). With this last step I try to finalize the journey so I discontinue it. This is the end point.

[VIMEO 10649387]

first test of this performance, presented at the b-seite festival mannheim. 2010.

duration: 30-40 minutes

music tracks: astrowind, vicsek and moog conspiracy
special thanks to auderoselavy for the video record.



2 responses

8 04 2010

well my dear!
good report! love the screen shot so clear!
like the concept eventhought i dont really get it, but somehow everything is so coherent and so clear and so you…
keep on going!
making choises on project is also just trying to keep them alive, until they die in your ownself, and you dont have the desire to play them anymore… important point is not to kill them before they had the change to live…
<well late confused reflexion, i do admitt!


26 08 2011
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