the data-bend and the 3d models

25 03 2011

These are just the first steps of my experiment with 3d models. I used collada format (.dae), i didnt try with any other format, but iam sure that .fbx is not working at all.

I made the first test with a simple sphere, and maybe i was lucky, because it worked well. here is the result:

i really like the idea of the perfect spherical form going to be an abstract structure. I put some lights on, but i didnt touch the surface. The moire like failures on the surface are without any texture.

here is this moire like surface:

Afterwards i tested several complex models as sea-fish, cassette, skull, abstract structure of pipes and a tree. The models during the databend was totally destroyed, so i changed back to a simple form. It was a Icosidodecahedron.

This is the really perfect form, really difficult to destroy.

The next step would be to test a model with texture.




3 responses

25 03 2011

That’s really awesome!

I just had a look at a collada file generated from blender containing just the default cube and it seems to be just xml or something similar. Is the file you glitched binary or xml?

My buddy who built the GlitchSVG script got it to recognise specific tags and only randomise those values. May be worth trying to find a way to do this interactively…

28 03 2011

i will try with the .obj file soon…

14 09 2012

Hey man,i really love this experiment.did u try with .obj files yet?
Im really into bending too,got bored of just bending images ,want to try with bending obj,please let me know if u made any progress in that,regards!!!!

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