SCREENPLAY- event under deep development

14 03 2011

so what is it exactly:

An audiovisual statement. A collection. An experience.
Real-time artifacts of contemporary culture.

SCREENPLAY represents contemporary audiovisual art with special focus on generative or cinematographic performance as well as performance involving live-camera-feedback.

SCREENPLAY shows an eclectic selection of artists who explore aestetic principles on the frontiers of new technologies, interactive story-telling and the interplay of audio and video.

Besides showing a cross-section of contemporary live-cinema performances, SCREENPLAYwill host a panel discussion for artists, researchers and critics to exchange and elaborate on their viewpoints about the development of the ‘live-cinema’ artforms.
Is ‘live-cinema’ a furthe advancement of classic cinema or a new form of expression in the light of modern ‘real-time’ technologies and ideas?

With other words, this is not a festival, more like a one night event with discussion, lot of performances and installation. Nothing else. We try to give an overview, what are these categories like: Audiovisual performance, live cinema, expanded cinema.

If you in Berlin please come and visit our event at the 9th of april.

location: Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (.CHB)

and a list of artists:


Live Performances

our website:

and our trailer:




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