interactive playground

26 12 2010

I was inspired by George Toledo‘s latest compositions. I started to think  how should i involve interaction patch into my stuff. The first trial was a simple composition made with spline, iteration and interaction. I got some nice forms:



The white circles are the start and the end points of the splines (real bezier stuff with handles is possible as well), with the interaction patch iam able to arrange the structures and to manipulate it.

Later i decided to include some glitchy stuff (digital of course)


So i added this four color quads. These are the interactive control points of the glitch parameters. I tried just the glitch part without structure.



the result is really nice because with the interactive points i can  control smoothly the glitch parameters, and i can try more combinations.

It would be nice of course to have a touch table or touch screen and play with my ten fingers. Maybe next year.

My last idea was a more simple method, using the 5 color rectangles (control points) to generate the feedback and glitch it. This is working like a double interaction, because with the manipulation of the rectangles iam controlling also the feedback and the parameters as well.

some results are here:





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2 01 2011
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