classic vs. digital

7 12 2010

During the last two weeks i made a small experiment, how to make ‘classic’ databending. I wanted to understand how does it works, what are more or less the possibilities, and finally how i can involve in to my experiments and artworks. One of my favorite result is this one. Please watch the full resolution version to see the details. It doesn’t matter what was the original picture. (just as a short info: vector format- lo res gif- high res psd- high res png and channel correction in quartz composer).

My ‘digital’ works are more or less made with the video card and opengl bending, digital feedbacks and some quartz composer artifacts. That methods is sometimes very technical. The classic bending seems a bit more exploring the unknown or get really unexpected result.  I think i don’t want to do just this one or that one, the two things can work together.

here is a list of people who’s works helps me a lot:




and of course

Rosa Menkman





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7 12 2010
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Thank you, very nice..

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