Kovasznai (re)glitch

26 09 2010

I’am working on a new A/V improvisation, based on the animation of  György Kovasznai, a hungarian painter-animator genius.

here is a small description of Kovasznai:

Kovásznai by now a legend, was one of the most creative artists of the ‘socialist’ times in Hungary, he is mostly acknowledged as the painter who made it in the animation film industry, though less is known publicly of his achievements as autonomous painter and writer. Serious efforts are made now to make his unique oeuvre visible for a wider audience.

Its a very good experiment, how to use glitch/datamosh/error based deconstruction of the original material, i mean a kind of remix.

I mixed (premixed) a soundtrack, using the original songs from Kovasznai’s films, real 70’s avantgarde scores feat. the hungarian retro pop. All his work is a mixture of surrealistic situations with hardly influenced by pop art. But lets clear, that he lived during a communist era, and it was not so easy to be a progressive artist in that time….at all.

The first presentation will be in Berlin next friday.



gallery bar
torstrasse 68
10119 Berlin

Friday, 01.10.2010 – 7 PM




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