4 09 2010

Last night i was developing a patch, kind of open gl feedback with glitch and geometrical transformation. I was able to produce some really ok results, like this.

After a while, i put some pictures to my flicker account and i got a comment from Rosa Menkman, not just a comment, an answer:

the first is my picture, the second is Rosa’s one:

Thats funny, we are working with really different technics, but somehow, we have crosspoints.

I spent 3 days together with Rosa in Lithuania, and we made a short workshop, we saw each other works, and finally we made a special ‘vj-set’ together. She’s stuff is more then great, her solo set was for me hours of watching and watching.

I hope we will collaborate more in the near future.

+ imortant links:

1. A vernacular of file formats: very important guide to the file formats, for those who are using Quartz Composer, i would suggest to use with Vade’s Glitch File Reader. We tried already, and its awesome.

2. Glitch Studies Manifest: no comment, its impossible to skip.

3. GLI.TC/H: festival and conference in Chicago for glitcherzz (unfortunetly i will skip it:()




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