quick equitation

17 11 2009

During my daily visit of the kineme site i found an interesting topic.

‘noonanon’ mentioned that he is trying to involve some equitations, that he found at the site of Paul Bourke.

Why not. I gave a try, and carefully i choose the ‘baseball seam curve’. Never heard this name before.

this is the ‘official’ result, so i expected something totally different.:)

the equitation looks like this:

x = sin(pi/2 – (pi/2 – a) cos(t)) cos(t/2 + a sin(2 t))

y = sin(pi/2 – (pi/2 – a) cos(t)) sin(t/2 + a sin(2 t))

z = cos(pi/2 – (pi/2 – a) cos(t))

well i put everything in an iterator, and i tried to get this curve from points.

After several improvements i got the first ‘less annoying’ result with a spline:

ok, its still not the ‘official result’, but something.

well i added some more parameters (basically i changed the fix input of the equitation to a random one) and i got more funny result, of course far from the original one.

well lets summarizz this:

1. many things working good with a simple mathematical expression, without the javascript.

2. its enough fast with 666 iterations, maybe with javascript a bit slower (i just immagine)

3. was easy to involve the equitation (almost 3 *copypaste )


what about a mad equitation?:)


[VIMEO 7626853]




3 responses

17 11 2009

cooooool 🙂

17 11 2009

Yes, the Mathemical Expression is one of the most usefull patches. And you can use it instead of Math/Conditional patches.

Anyway, the last 2 shot is totally awesome 😉

19 03 2010


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