every start is difficult

12 09 2009

Working on the Balaton-project and preparing the showcase of  the CurlyCurly for Bologna, i don`t have too much time for the ‘new QC’. That means i have already started couple of projects, but they are  not  big issues.
But finally this afternoon, i made some tests with the ‘mesh’ tools.
Screen shot 2009-09-12 at 6.37.02 PM

The ‘get mesh component’ seems very handy (and missed from the previous version), but earlier i couldnt find my way to utilizz it. Well now, i used it to generate the coordinates of  the input objects (collada what else), and as Kineme GL tools are (thanks God-Hashim) SL-compatible, i was able to rebuild  3d objects with lines, points and triangles.

Screen shot 2009-09-12 at 6.55.20 PM

From this point the formula was so easy as i just needed to generate an alternative structure and interpolate the coordinates between the 2 structures.

And yes, we have many ‘built-in’ mesh deformers as well, to play with (noizz, jiggle, twist, wave and more).

So what now?

lets use the new INTERACTIVE possibilities:

open an object first, after manipulate with the interactive possiblities, as the vertices from this point are modifiable by ‘get and set mesh component’. What more, in QC4 you are able to manipulate each instance in a structure by the new interactive possibility.

Screen shot 2009-09-12 at 6.57.22 PM

And its just the beginning:)




One response

20 10 2009
Tobias Thyrrestrup

Hey Nice to see you got the “Get Mesh Component” working. I’m having difficulties getting it to work. QC4 always tells me “Vertices: Undefined” when i load a Collada file and try to extract the vertices but it shows the model just fine. Could you post a simple collada model and QC4 patch for me to try out?
Cheers Tobias

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