8 08 2009

After watching and reading Udart’s tutorial how not to spend money for a super-expansive mixer, i gave a try. First bought a fire wire 800 cable and after i tested. Spending up to six minutes with the setup, i was able to send 3L signal to quatz composer, and i was happy. why 3L?  because it has a built-in DV ouput, so the final ouput (or the separated objects) could be sent via firewire.

Picture 41

The latency is latency but not so decent. And yes, its fitting into my new vj set concept, i can use another computer output as an input, probably the only input and everything else is just effects. 3L-s shapes and forms are good examples, the sound reactivity is easy and effective, need some practice, but working well.

Some older 3L videos of mine:

[VIMEO 1600535]
[VIMEO 1484424]
[VIMEO 1477329]




2 responses

8 08 2009

stay tuned. Vade’ll do the trick as a plugin in QC 😉

11 08 2009
kashmir / thriller

Hi i’m trying to do the same but i cant get any signal coming out from 3L, i’ve try from iMac to Mbp, itry reverse and i try mbp to mbp with both firewire 400 and firewire800, no results, snif snif.
What ur setup on 3L ?
thx in advance

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